Ambrette De Noir

A sumptuous infusion of Rose petals paired with notes of Freesia, Orange Flower, Jasmine & White Peony. This enigmatic blend is infused with an AERIN exclusive co-distillation of rare & precious musk-like Ambrette seed. Vanilla Bourbon & Cedarwood add a seductive dimension, while Ambrox further accentuates a captivating warmth & refinement.

Arizona Bloom Eau De Parfum
Floral Street

This dry, floral amber takes inspiration from deserts’ arid wilderness, neon skies and eternal sunshine and is for the sunny, nomadic and free spirited. With 20% perfume oil it blends sprinkles of Balinese coconut with Madagascan black pepper, oakmoss and salted musks. It’s a sense of freedom, scented and bottled.

Bentley Beyond - The Collection, Radiant Osmanthus
Bentley Fragrances

Inspired by a voyage to Kyoto, Japan, this is a joyful fruity floral with sparkling charm, for the lively, luminous woman who lets her inner light shine. To translate her radiant aura into scent, Karine Dubreuil Sereni chose a magical flower: osmanthus. A tiny orange bloom with amazing facets of juicy apricot, delicate green tea and velvety suede.

Bohemian Lime
Goldfield and Banks

Bohemian Lime is a carefree ode to Byron Bay, Australia’s premier free-spirited tropical enclave. Goldfield and Banks is the first niche perfume house to use Australian finger lime in its luxury fragrance collection. The leaves and peel have many aromatic oil glands and reveal a unique citrus note previously unknown in the perfumery industry.

Both Sides of Clouds

Both Sides of Clouds was inspired by Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now - the sunshine and the shade. Contrasting twin hearts of sunlit florals and darker hues: narcissus, orange blossom and lily, balanced with orris, violet and lavender. It floats on clouds of musk, chocolate ganache, amber resins and oakmoss.

Boucheron Rose D’Isparta

This collection of Boucheron fragrances is inspired by wanderlust through evocative scents from the most magnificent destinations. In 2020, the Maison is enriching this collection with a new creation: Rose d’Isparta. The nose of Maison Givaudan explains: "I sought to enhance every facet of this sumptuous rose and sculpt it like a stone cutter."

Burberry Signature - Amber Heath

A romantic scent reminiscent of a courtyard in bloom, surrounded by the wilderness of a vast heath. A golden scene set at dusk. A modern amber scent with top notes of ambergris accord and a heart of patchouli, finished with dry notes of tonka, vetiver and vanilla. Harrods exclusive.

Burlington 1819
Roja Parfums

1819 celebrates 5 years of London’s Burlington Arcade being home to the flagship Roja Parfums boutique. 1819 – the year the Arcade opened – pays homage to The Burlington Arcade being the perfect home for our award-winning perfumery, where some of the finest fragrances in the world wait to be discovered.

Bvlgari Le Gemme Erea

Feminine and luxurious, it is inspired by Green Agate. Hailing from New Caledonia, this precious stone is named after the Achates river in Sicily and offers protection and is said to exude a peaceful energy. The name Erea, is inspired by the Greek word eirene, which means peace. Addictive, warm and feminine, it is an Oriental Woody fragrance.

Cannabis Blue
Fragrance du Bois

Perfumer Christian Provenzano has created a cannabis accord that vibrates with daring Oud facets and smoky wood tones of guaiac and patchouli. The grassy character is combined with warm elements of sichuan pepper and cardamom, lifted with herbal tones and a swirl of tart grapefruit. Contain 100% organic sustainable Oud oil certified by CITES.

Coleur Vanille
L'Artisan Parfumeur

Perfumer Aliénor Massenet visualised sailing off the island of Madagascar. The trade winds swelling with sensual hints of the land’s astonishing bounty. The heat of the sun amplifying the fantasy. A vanilla created around a woody accord of Immortelle flower and gently caressed by a salty sea breeze.

Deep Viola

Top notes of spicy saffron and piquant Angelica seeds awaken the senses. A heart of powdery violet and suede-like leather accord both soften and demure. Balmy bottom notes of aromatic agar wood and spirited incense add an air of potency to this boundless, dynamic scent.

Eau Capitale EDP

diptyque's first Chypre fragrance. Bursts of citrusy and green notes of bergamot and verbena gush forth for five to thirty minutes. Dominant floral, spicy and fruity notes of rose and jasmine sustain the work for one or more hours. Lingering wood and roots, gums and absolute notes patchouli and oak moss may persist for a day.

Electro Limonade
L'Orchestre Parfum

A view over the Mediterranean, a chilled sunset cocktail. Fresh lemons, clementines and bergamot dance alongside a 'dirty' mint. Rhubarb and orange blossom lead us into a night where the groove is hovering over an amber wood incense and vetiver bass. Perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer and DJ's NIID are the creatives behind this extraordinary fragrance.

Giorgio Armani Privé Thé Yulong
Armani beauty

A unique aromatic combination of black tea and green tea extracts that takes you on a sensory journey through one of the most renowned landscapes in the Yunnan region, the Yulong Mountains. This unisex fragrance absorbs all facets and contrasts of tea as black and green tea are brought into subtle contact.


Innovative brand owner François Henin worked with influencer Abdulaziz Al Ajail on the creation of this fragrance, which draws inspiration from the Maltese island of Gozo. Once again independent perfumer Vanina Muracciole was chosen to translate this artistic vision into fragrance. The result? A powerful woody, spicy floral scent on a base of musks.

Graff Lesedi La Rona Collection

The discovery of the Graff Lesedi La Rona serves as the inspiration for six extraordinary new fragrances that pair the rarest and most precious perfumery ingredients available with the same meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxury that has made the House of Graff legendary.

Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden A Chant For The Nymph

A Chant for the Nymph is an ode to forests filled with solar flowers. The fragrance is inspired by the Frangipani, symbolizing immortality for the heavenly and a smell that it released on warm nights. With its enchanting beauty, the Frangipani embodies a mythical nymph appearing in a long-forgotten dream.

Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden A Midnight Stroll

Evoking Incense, A Midnight Stroll is homage to the allure of night-time. Capturing the essence of the scent’s mystery it is epitomized by a jaguar. With its combination of Incense and Cade Wood, the solitary jaguar moves under the cloak of darkness, as fresh Cypress channels this expression of vitality.

Haute Provence / 89
Parle Moi de Parfum

Haute Provence / 89 is our tribute to Provence. The beauty of its lavender fields perfectly aligned as far as the eye can see, flooded with vibrancy. Lavender is the star here, melon and watermelon bring sunshine whilst leaving a seductive trail. A hint of narcissus is almost bewitching.

Kingdom Botanica
Kingdom Scotland

Opulent, complex, woody green-floral. Biodiversity in a bottle! Celebrating 350 years of the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. Researched and crafted over 2 years with RBGE botanists and archivists. Sustainable, ethical, gender inclusive, vegan and profits to vital research in the face of climate change. An uplifting and positive British story.

Kruger Parfum

Paul Kruger was my grandmother's grandfather, the first president of SA. The Krugerrand named after him, represented by the 24k gold flakes in the bottle, was the inspiration. It's an opulent pure parfum that evokes the intense, elemental character of nature’s most precious metal, crafted expertly from intertwining strands of spice, rose and amber.

Kukui Noir
Connock London

Kukui Noir is an intense, contemporary creation structured around the elegant floriental notes of the signature Kukui fragrance. Sophisticated notes of Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Patchouli are warmed with a rich, indulgent base of Black Amber and Oud Wood.

L'Ombre Des Merveilles

In 2020, Christine Nagel creates L'Ombre des Merveilles : an interplay of light and shadow inviting you to dream and imagine. The intense radiance of a chiariscuro fragrance, both woody and oriental. The sensuality of tonka bean and incense emphasised by deep notes of black tea.

Lil Fleur

”I feel that perfume often tries to capture one idea or one emotion; Lil Fleur is about capturing a complex personality, one we can all recognise. As a brother to a sister and a father to a daughter, in my experience it does not get more beautiful and interesting than the personalities of a young spirit.” Ben Gorham, Creative Director and Founder

Lipstick Fever
Juliette has a Gun

Lipstick Fever, inspired by a streak of lipstick. Naturally focusing on the historic notes used in lipstick; Iris, Violet absolute and Raspberry are enhanced with woody notes of Patchouli and Cedarwood to echo the leather of the handbag so often inseparable from it. A contemporary composition, gourmand, ultimately feminine.

Loubikiss Eau De Parfum
Christian Louboutin Beauty

Loubikiss is addictive, almost narcotic. It makes its presence known, but there’s a lightness. Daphné Bugey creates here an ode to eternal love. This calavera skull crowned with white flowers is composed as a bouquet of jasmine, tuberose and musk. A bewitching and magical kiss that leaves as its trail a memory that is eternal. Hypnotic!

Loubirouge Eau de Parfum
Christian Louboutin Beauty

An Oriental Spicy cabaret of the senses choreographed by Marie Salamagne. High heels, a cabaret and a sensual wake of cardamom, iris and vanilla. Follow the red soles into the glamorous Paris that has always inspired Christian Louboutin. A spectacle for the senses!

More is MORE! - 1. More GOURMAND! 2. More ZEST! 3. More FLORAL!

We created 3 unique perfumes you can mix and match depending on how you feel or look today. Swipe. Mix. Create. " The ‘3 in 1’ Judith Leiber More is More! perfume bottle allows you to switch from a playful romantic Floral scent to a Gourmand, and therefore dial up the intensity in one spray!" - Jerome Di Marino, Perfumer.

Nakuna Avanto
Nakuna Helsinki

Make a hole in the surface of sea ice and dip your body into the cold water. Invigorating icy citrus heightened by crisp florals. A longlasting fragrance that vivifies the senses and purifies the soul. Unisex. Perfumer: Olivier Pescheux, Givaudan Top: Citrus, Marine Accords Mid: Tea Rose, Jasmine Dry: Cedarwood, Musk

Nakuna Iho
Nakuna Helsinki

Nakuna is the Finnish word for naked, iho means “skin”. An interplay of kink and cleanliness. An intimate, slightly animalic, cashmere accord. A gentle fragrance that invites a caress. Unisex. Perfumer: Yann Vasnier, Givaudan Top: Cedarwood, Olibanum Mid. Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood Dry: Amber, Benzoin, Vanilla

Nakuna Mittumaari
Nakuna Helsinki

Powdery floral with fresh bergamot built around rose and violet. Pick seven flowers, put them under your pillow, and your future lover will be revealed in your dream. Feminine. Perfumer: Nadège Legarlantezec, Givaudan Top: Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Pink Pepper Mid: Rose, Violet, Ylang-ylang Dry: Heliotrope, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Nakuna Musta
Nakuna Helsinki

A bittersweet state of mind, joy with a hint of melancholy. A stimulant fragrance of two opposites. The serenity of cooling black incense and tar combined with the sensuality of spicy oriental warmth. Unisex. Perfumer: Yann Vasnier, Givaudan Top: Spicy, Leathery Mid: Incense, Tar, Musk Dry: Amber, Vanilla, Myrrh, Patchouli

Nakuna Ralli
Nakuna Helsinki

The oriental scent of a nomad who longs for the thrill of expeditions. Tangy rose and exotic oud wood fuse with sweet amber to yield an affectionate and voluptuous aroma. Unisex. Perfumer: Jordi Fernández, Givaudan Top: Rose, Cedarwood Mid: Sandalwood, Oud Wood, Patchouli Dry: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

New York 5th Avenue
Fragrance du Bois

Shadi Samra's fragrance is dedicated to winter in NYC. Woody, sweet and spicy, it opens with a top note of bergamot and rose leading to a sweet floral and spicy heart note represented by caramel, violet and cypriol. The long-lasting base note is composed of vanilla, musk, kashmir wood and guaiac wood, the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth.

Night Veils - Tobacco Mandarin

Presenting an almost stratified history of the ancient city of Tangiers, a crossroads of the world through scent, Tobacco Mandarin evokes an opulent and age-old interplay of past and present, day and night, masculine and feminine, undimmed through time. The fragrance could itself be a complex character in a novel or Film Noir.

Note di Colonia V
Acqua di Parma

Note di Colonia V was inspired by the joie de vivre of 'La Donna è Mobile' from the 'Rigoletto' opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The opening notes of Pink Pepper and Citrus fruits then develop into a soaring crescendo marked by a contrasted Ginger and Juniper accord. The warm notes of Sandalwood and Cedarwood complete the harmony of this vibrant fragrance.

Manos Gerakinis Parfums

Omen is a fruity-spicy-oriental fragrance that is sweet and juicy, deep yet fun. It is a multi-faceted fragrance where perfumer Miguel Matos meets Manos Gerakinis in an olfactory journey to Delphi, where lies the greatest oracle of ancient times. Omen is a powerful fragrance for those men and women who form their own future.

Radiant Tuberose
Jimmy Choo Seduction Collection

‘Seduction Collection’ is the embodiment of Jimmy Choo’s refined universe: feminine, elegant, daring and mesmerizing. Six ultra-feminine fragrances complete ‘Seduction Collection’, each scent revealing an exclusive ingredient to evoke the multiple facets of the Jimmy Choo woman.

Radical Rose

Radical Rose contains the highest concentration of Rose Centifolia Absolute, obtained from Perfumer Aurélien Guichard’s own organic farm. Like a chiaroscuro, Saffron and Pepper Berries Essence Jamaica exacerbate the bright, spicy facets of the Rose, while Patchouli Essence Indonesia and Labdanum Absolute Andalusia highlight its dark, woody facets.

Rose Charcoal
Experimental Perfume Club (EPC)

Rose Charcoal is one of EPC’s Signature Blends, a collection of blended fragrances using unique combinations from our Essentials. Rose Charcoal blends two Essentials together, Rose Rhubarb and Sandalwood Musk, to create a sensual and decadent rose with animalic and addictive leather notes, rich and intense and full of contrasts.

Saffron Lazuli
Carolina Herrera

Homage to the lapis lazuli, a timeless emblem of success, sophistication & luxury. The perfume shifts between the elegant woody presence of red pistil, the smoky facets of the most exotic wood & the intoxicating tonka notes. Its formula revives with saffron & blackcurrant, a heart of rose & orris & a solid base of guaiac wood, vanilla & leather.

Sel D'Argent
BDK Parfums

A homage to the Mediterranean Sea, the Collection Azur is inspired by moments spent there, recounting olfactory memories. This ozonic perfume with notes of salt is reminiscent of skin warmed by the sun after a late afternoon swim. Sel d’Argent expresses nostalgia for a savoured moment spent sprawled on the rocks in the shade of the maquis.

This Is Not A Blue Bottle 1.6
Histoires de Parfum

Continuing the surrealist theme of the This is not a Blue Bottle series, 1.6 takes the expression 'The earth is blue like an orange' as the inspiration for the juiciest citrus burst of a fragrance. Sweet orange, grapefruit and yuzu rest on a bed of lotus, neroli and orange blossom and a base of white musk, vanilla and vetiver - irresistible!

Unnamed - Limited Edition

No name. No direction. Just an immaculate label; the promise of a story to write as your own. A blank page upon which your feelings may flow. From the moment he founded Byredo, Ben Gorham has created fragrances with words that he then gives over to perfumer Jérôme Epinette. He knows their power. How they can influence perception.

Up to the Moon by THoO (The House of Oud)
The House of Oud

This fruity floral fragrance describes the voice of soprano Nino Machaidze. Created by noses Andrea Casotti, Cristian Calabrò and Carlo Ribero, the raspberry note emphasizes her vitality while Pear Breeze adds a persistent fruitiness. Amber, Ambrette and Vanilla ensure a long-standing ovation. Every bottle is hand dipped for ultimate individuality.


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